Easy, Tasty, Healthy

Both Monicas and my life are hyper busy these days, and to keep from eating junk food we by and large have been brown bagging it…but what about breakfast?…6 a.m. eating is the last thing on my mind as coffee(urns of it) is the first and if there is a donut, pie, cake  last nites pizza in proximity…it’ll soon git et! Not the best choice ever. So this week I resurrected something I used to do as a single father for my boys (raising them your self makes your time management skills ninja like) Easy, Tasty, Healthy and not complicated..ready? heres breakfast…put’em in the fridge grab one out the door with your coffee and you’re set till lunch! Kids love them…mine sure did!

What You’ll Need:

What you do:

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ZOMBIES? Really?

Many have you have rolled your eyes, found it funny, cute or just plain weird that I have used a Zombie as a brand. Being an avid listener to CBC Radio and particularly to Terry O’Reilly’s show “Under the Influence and The Disruptors”The Zombie brand idea came directly from his podcast of Real Estate Marketing and the history of such things, like a balloon or a defaced bus bench that suddenly in its self became the brand for a Real Estate Brokerage or Agent. Continue reading